Basemap Data

The basemap data is Census TIGER/Line® 2000 data which was downloaded from the Geography Network. The data is available in shapefile format.

Biota Text

We have included a sample of the plants catalogued by Lewis and Clark in the Fort Clatsop region. The textual descriptions of the plants were taken from "PLANTS OF FORT CLATSOP From the Journals of Lewis and Clark", a publication of the Fort Clatsop Historical Association, Copyright © 1989.

Biota Illustrations

The hand-drawn illustration of Oregon Grape was provided by John Haugse of Animakers Studio.

Campsite & Trail Locations

The campsite and trail locations were placed approximately where indicated on a map presented in "Seeking Western Waters", by Emery and Ruth Strong, Copyright © 1995, Oregon Historical Society.

Journal Entries

The journal entries used here were downloaded from those posted at the website of the American Studies Department of the University of Virginia.