Viewing Instructions

To the left, you should see a "loading" graphic, and once loading is complete, a depiction of the Columbia basin. If not, you'll need to download the Macromedia Flash4 plugin from here.

Full-screen mode is recommended for maximum clarity.

To view dam information, click either on the name of a dam at the top of the screen, or its representation by a dot on the map. Graphs of the salmon counts performed at the dam will appear. Initially, graphs for the Ice Harbor dam are displayed.

Note that moving the mouse over either a dam name or dot results in the highlighting of both; this allows identification of dams by name and location. Clicking on the image of a salmon species brings up information on that species.

The timeline with vcr-style buttons at the bottom of the map controls several time-based information read-outs: the event descriptions at the bottom, the red highlighting of dams as they are built, and the read-outs of salmon counts on the graphs. The timeline can be operated either by use of the vcr buttons, including the "next event" and "previous event" items, or by dragging the red triangular indicator.

The graphs are scaled to fit in the available space. As a result, the height representing a given count will differ from graph to graph. However the read-outs present the numerical values for all fish species, years, and dams.

The size of this frame can be modified by dragging the vertical separator bar.

This data set does not distinguish between hatchery and wild salmon.