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Salmon and Dams: The Data

Several populations of wild salmon in the Columbia and Snake River basins are extinct, and others are near extinction. Breaching of four Snake River dams has been proposed as giving the best chance for recovery of the remaining Snake River runs.

This site is intended to provide the basic data concerning the decline of the Snake River salmon runs in the era of dams. Questions answered include: Where are the dams and when were they built? What are the salmon species native to the Snake River? What is their population history in the era of dams? What is the recent political and fishery management history?

The data is given for the four Snake River dams whose breaching is proposed, and the four downstream dams on the Columbia.

The decline of wild salmon populations is the result of many factors including habitat destruction, overfishing, competition with hatchery fish, as well as dams. This site presents data and does not touch on causes. The causes are a deep and fascinating subject (see bibliography).

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